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Have you ever been to Biloxi? (Perhaps, you live there or somewhere close by). This is a medium-sized city on the coast in the state of Mississippi. With a population of about 45,000, it is clear to see that it is not so big in terms of population when compared to major cities in the other parts of the United States. Modest as it may look, there are several exciting things about Biloxi. It is the 5th largest community in the state.

Biloxi houses 15 constituent neighborhoods in which its 45000 population is distributed. It is not expected that every one of these neighborhoods has the same level of social perception or rating. Rather, there is a variation in the standing of these neighborhoods based on a number of factors. That being said, let’s see some of the neighborhoods in Biloxi that have topped the ranks in the world of real estate.

Pass Rd / Fernwood Rd

Pass Rd / Fernwood Rd is a suburban neighborhood that ranks among the most expensive neighborhoods in Mississippi. With an average real estate fee of about $220,000, it is reported to be more expensive than other neighborhoods in Mississippi by almost 93 times.

Checking the ranking of neighborhood prices in the United States, it ranks in the 52.9% percentile range. With this in mind, it is not surprising to see why its rent is being priced at $901.

This is a 58% increase in price when compared to other neighborhoods in Mississippi. Given its population density, and comparing it with all the figures already analyzed, it is safe to say Pass Rd / Fernwood Rd in Biloxi is the most expensive neighborhood.

The suburban nature of Pass Rd / Fernwood has impacted the way the real estate market is structured in the neighborhood. For example, houses in this neighborhood consist of small to medium-sized high rise flats. There are also single-family houses and apartment complexes present in this neighborhood. A more in-depth look into this neighborhood shows that its sizes range mostly from studio to 3 or 4 bedroom residences.

Although a good number of the buildings have been built since the 1970s down to 1999, the residences in this neighborhood are not perceived as old. This suggests a good sense of organization and long term planning on the part of the brains behind the rise of the neighborhood. In fact, some of the residences have been in existence as far back as 1940. Yet, they are not in bad shape.

Wool Market

Wool Market is another major neighborhood in Biloxi. Here, the average price of rent is pegged at $947 or thereabout. The reality of the environment here shows that Wool Market is a rural neighborhood. Therefore, its real estate outlook showcases medium-sized family homes.

Given the current rent price of about $947, Wool Market has a lower rent price than about 46% of Mississippi’s neighborhoods. Demographics also show that many of Wool Market’s residential real estate is being occupied by the owners. The houses in the wool market neighborhood were majorly built between 1970 to 1999. Very few of the residences here were built after this time-frame.

City Centre

Speaking of the top neighborhoods in Biloxi, you can’t help but mention the city center. This is a coastal neighborhood in Biloxi whereby the median rental price in the City center stands at $1,082. It still falls under the class of a rural neighborhood due to its low density.

Taking a look at the real estate price in this Biloxi neighborhood, it is somewhere around $207,120; making it more expensive than about 81% of Mississippi neighborhoods. City Centre’s residential realty is occupied by a mixture of renters and owners. Some of the buildings are as ancient as 149 while some date to as recent as 1999.

Van Buren Ave / Adams Ave

Van Buren Ave / Adams Ave is a suburban area of Biloxi. Its real estate market consists mainly of small to medium-sized high rise flats, single-family houses, and apartment complexes. A deeper probe shows its size to range from range studio to 3 or 4 bedroom residences.

Taking a look at its real estate value, it is worth $202,025 on average. It positions itself in the 40% percentile of US neighborhood prices which is not so bad for a suburban neighborhood. The effect if this is seen in its rent being priced at $1,110. This indicates a 77% higher price compared to other neighborhoods in Mississippi.

One main similarity between the Biloxi City Centre and Van Buren Ave / Adams Ave is that the residential population consists of a mix of both renters and owners. A look at the residential buildings here shows that they are still in perfect shape. Therefore, they are not considered old. Instead, they are considered to be established, having been constructed mostly between 1970 to 1999.

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake is a rural community in Mississippi with average real estate fees of about $221,090. With this fee, it is about 91 times more expensive than neighborhoods in Mississippi. A look at the percentile ranking of US neighborhood prices puts it at 50.9%. This has a direct effect on rent price in the neighborhood rent as it is being priced at $1,193; an 85% price increase compared to other neighborhoods in Mississippi.


Basically, these are the most prominent neighborhoods in Biloxi. Without these neighborhoods, Biloxi would probably be way less of a city than it is. Their presence contributes immensely to the growth of real estate in Biloxi. It is clear to see that the Biloxi real estate market is doing relatively well compared to other parts of the state. There are several vacancies in all these top neighborhoods. You might want to look out for one that suits you and your family if you are in need of accommodation in Biloxi.

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