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Funnl combines 6 traditionally independent services into one easy to use platform. The benefit of each if purchased separately is far less impactful than the sum of all parts.

cityFunnl- Your landing page, customer support portal and local blog. This is designed to help customers find you through Google search. We optimize those results with a revolutionary three part SEO strategy. An exact match URL like, automatic backlinks to all the other cityFunnls and a professionally written monthly blog.
chatFunnl- Our advanced customer support chat portal. Included with every cityFunnl so you can communicate with potential customers.The best part is our trained staff will manage it free of charge if you are unavailable.
StaffFunnl- As a partner of Funnl you will have access to our full featured community platform. On that platform you can post job openings where our staff will help match those with local resume submissions. Connecting our partners with reliable employees is a very important part of our business model.
HostFunnl- Keeping everything online and running smooth requires round the clock administration. From the landing pages to the chat servers, it all takes a vast amount of time and resources to manage and maintain.
Funnl2U- Every blog from every landing page feeds back to the homepage. Combined these form a content rich local new and entertainment magazine. It’s the fundamental part of our business, the reason we can offer such incredible prices to our partners. .
CreatorsFunnl- A place where writers and aspiring journalists can work with local business owners and public figures to produce amazing content. If your blog generates a lot of traffic we will split the ad revenue with you 60/40 (in your favor). We are also going to provide a production budget for each city’s content creation.
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