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Importance of Home Insurance in Biloxi, Mississippi

The main reason people are encouraged to purchase insurance is the fact that it helps them remain or become financially whole if they suffer a loss. Insurance, when boiled down to its essence, is you agreeing to pay a particular amount to the insurance company over a period of time, and they provide you with a guarantee stating that they will financially cover any uncertain but large loss you might have in the future. For instance, if you own a home in Biloxi with no outstanding mortgage and no insurance. So long as your taxes are paid, you will definitely enjoy the right to use the house as you please. It is possible for you to rent it out, live in it, sell it off or keep it vacant if you want.  However, in the event that a storm fells a massive tree onto your home causing quite a lot of damage, it would be down to you to cover the entirety of the repair costs. It is for this reason that people pay home insurance. It ensures that there is a fund somewhere that can be put towards the costs of the house damage.

Importance of Home Insurance in Biloxi, Mississippi

Why Do You Need Insurance?

For those that believe they do not need insurance or become negligent in ensuring their house is covered, the law or the mortgage contract typically requires that the home is insured. The state of Mississippi law requires that homeowners have home insurance. Regardless of whether you are just purchasing your first home or if you have paid your mortgage off already, the question of just how important home insurance is, has likely crossed your mind. It is true that the home is one of the most invaluable assets an individual can have. It should be seen as an investment and having home insurance helps to protect that investment. Below are a few of the major reasons why home  insurance is important to have in Biloxi.

Having home insurance can do more than just protect your house

While the major aim of a home insurance policy is to protect a home, the policy generally covers much more than the physical shapes of your house. From things such as your personal properties to the tools in your shed. A home insurance policy can also cover medical bills incurred by a guest getting injured in your house. Below are some of the coverages that a typical home insurance policy can provide:

External structures coverage

This policy typically helps pay for replacement or repairs for structures detached from your property.This could be a shed or a fence that becomes destroyed or damaged by peril.

Dwelling coverage

This type of coverage can help pay repair costs for your home if it or any adjoining structures are damaged by a peril. The value of your dwelling coverage is typically calculated by your home’s square footage and how much it would cost to have your home rebuilt. This amount does not signify the value of the home however.

Personal liability coverage

This coverage is great if you or any resident of the home is found legally culpable for damage caused to someone’s property or for causing injury to another. This liability coverage can help pay for any associated legal fees and repair costs. It can also help with medical costs if any.

Personal property coverage

The aim of personal property coverage can help pay to have certain items such as electronics and furniture replaced in the event that they are damaged or stolen.

It is possible that home insurance might be required

There are some cases that require home insurance. For instance, if you happen to have a mortgage, then the lending authority would definitely require you to have home insurance.Before your mortgage is financed or before you are able to refinance your Biloxi home, the company in charge of the mortgage would usually ask you to show proof that the home in question has been sufficiently insured. This is because your lender will want to be sure that its financial investment, also known as your home is protected in the event that it becomes destroyed or damaged by things such as a fire,  natural disasters and other factors. Apart from home insurance being a requirement, there are other forms of insurance that might be requested by the lending companies. These varying insurance requirements are typically based on your location. For instance, if your home is situated in a huge risk area such as a flood zone, it might be necessary for you to request flood insurance. In the event that your home is not covered by home  insurance, it is actually possible for your chosen lender to purchase home insurance on your behalf and charge you for it. You should note that the insurance policy your lender selects might be one that is much more expensive than the one you would have chosen if you did so on your own. It is possible that the policy in question might offer less coverage as well.

Homeowners insurance deductibles and limits

It is imperative you remember that coverages are typically linked with limits. Limits, in this case, being the value ceiling, your insurance policy is able to pay towards a claim you make. When choosing your coverage limit, it is important to ensure that factors such as the prospective repair cost or your home or how much it would cost to replace your belongings are taken into account. Thisensures that you are better prepared in the event that your belongings or your home are damaged by fire or other loss causing factors. You should know that numerous coverages come with deductibles. A deductible can be defunded as the amount one has to pay before the benefits associated with the insurance kicks in.


Just because you have home insurance for your property in Biloxi doesn’t mean that your house or belongings won’t get damaged. What it does do is provide you with a financial catch making sure you are prepared for anything life throws at you.

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