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How to Sell Real Estate to a Skeptic

Skeptic man looking at papers

Selling really is more psychological than anything else. As a seller, it is important that you understand the mind of the buyers, what they would like to hear and what they think. When you do not do this, it is possible you lose them to your competitor. A great sales pitch is something that can make a large difference to help you land the deal. It is also possible that an erroneous word could undo all the hard work you have done in convincing the buyer to purchase your property. Convincing anyone to purchase a property from you is difficult, but it gets even harder when the buyer is one that is sceptical. The aim of this article is to provide you with basic guidelines that can help you sell Biloxi real estate to a sceptic buyer.

First impressions matter

It is imperative that you put your best self forward. You should never focus on the flaw that your property has, rather concentrate on highlighting its most outstanding features. The truth is, every customer comes with their own unique needs which they are ready to meet even at the detriment to other features. A good seller is one that is able to figure out what these needs are and present them in a property that is for sale. The moment you are able to achieve this, there is really no time that the buyer does not go ahead to purchase the property.


Give a guarantee, a bargain or an incentive

The way you structure your pitch can play an extremely important role in formulating trust and getting your sceptic to purchase the property there are numerous variants, however, guarantees and incentives are wonderful ways to curry your potential buyer’s trust and confidence.

You have to know your product

What this means is that you have to understand the weaknesses and strengths of your property. you should also pay keen attention to the influencing factors of the market, such as supply and demand. Every one of these factors helps to strengthen your case and the way you present it, aiding the sceptic buyer into making a purchasing decision that is more informed. Be ready and willing to answer any questions that might arise and utilise that opportunity to show that you are knowledgeable.

Believe what you say

There is no way you can become an effective seller of anything, not to talk of properties in Biloxi if you do not believe in them. It can be very apparent that you lack enthusiasm and a sceptic is able to pick up on that and refuse to go any further in the selling process. The way to sell to a sceptic is to emanate confidence and passion as those two traits can help break down any cynicism the buyer has. You have to ooze confidence during your presentation to the sceptic, showing that you indeed believe what you say to be true. One sure-fire way to never make a sale is to let on that you do not believe in what you are actively trying to sell.

Skeptic buyers thinking

Be genuinely interested in the buyer

Humans want to be the centre of the universe, regardless of what it is they do. It might appear vain that people feel and think this way, but it is just the way it is. Sceptic buyers are discerning and they might be able to quickly discover that you are not vested in their interest. When this happens, they realise that you are solely interested in selling the property, regardless of if it meets their requirements or not. There is nothing wrong with being cordial and even showing a bit of empathy. Doing this ensures that sceptic buyer will trust your judgement, being more open to your argument for them purchasing the property.


It is important that you are transparent

Most times, it can be easy to push out pitches and speeches that contain a lot of fluff and very little information. It is so easy to say “this house is the best, it has no faults, it is just perfect”. This is pretty much saying what you believe buyers want to hear. You should refrain from doing such as you are really just hurting yourself and the chance of any sale by fibbing or telling half-truths. You have to be transparent with the buyer. You should never make bold claims that are not backed up by fact. Most real estate agents in Biloxi believe that if you are too factual about a property’s flaws, you end up driving away a potential sale rather than making one. You should provide the sceptic buyer with every bit of information they require, as doing so will present you with a yes than a no.

Gain your buyer’s trust

Sceptics are wary of new investments with no discernible track record. If you want your property to be bought, you will have to show that you know what you are doing and that you have successfully carried out sales. When you offer testimonials or endorsements from notable sources, you are able to build a fountain of trust with any prospective buyers. As stated earlier, sceptics take into account recommendations from people or entities they trust and respect, so it is important that you find an entity or agency that is trustworthy.

Show that you are different from the competition

Seeing as you are in the real estate industry, one of the most difficult and cutthroat out there, particularly in Biloxi, it will be no surprise that you have a long list of competitors. It is important that you differentiate yourself from them. The question is how do you do that? You have to know their strengths and their weaknesses, highlighting them to yourself, so that when you explain to your prospective buyer why your service is better than them, you have clear cut ideas. Never forget that selling a house also means that you are selling yourself and your brand.

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