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How It Works

Funnl is all about building communities and a big part of that is providing consumers with a reliable, reasonably priced directory of businesses to choose from. But unlike traditional directories, we only promote one of each business type in a city

Businesses that have agreed to our strict guidelines of etiquette. Businesses that agree to ensure the job is done right the first time.

We make sure there is always an incentive to choose our partners over the competition for your job. Whether it’s a local promotion, seasonal discount or monthly free service specials we are committed to bring excellent value and service to you the customer.
Unlike Angie’s List or Home Advisor, we require each business to complete a comprehensive application process. We only want to work with the best companies, companies that are committed to the customer. Where hiring a contractor or any other service is as easy as a few clicks. That way you can rest assured the job will be done in a timely manner and within budget.
Funnl provides all the tools a business needs to succeed. But a major part of that formula is ensuring the customer comes first. And the way we ensure that is to make each spot on our network extremely valuable. So valuable that a company would never risk being kicked off. To enforce this we have a three-strike rule in place. If we receive three verified complaints from customers the business is then kicked off the network and replaced with a competitor. As we grow the prestige of each spot will become more and more revered. Ensuring the service our partners provide always stays top-notch.
It’s not required to receive first-class service but by becoming a member of Funnl you are eligible for exclusive promotions and our world class customer support. Stuff no one outside the network has access to. Things like $99 teeth cleaning, $39 lawn service, free HVAC inspec


on. All kinds of amazing deals from the best service providers in town.



Think of Funnl as the Amazon marketplace of business. We sell services using all the tricks in the book. First, we take aspiring companies and inject their information onto our landing page. That landing page is a beautiful and well-optimized website called a cityFunnl. These cityFunnls are named the way people search for things on Google, like contractor This strategic naming method is a huge factor in the way Google ranks websites. Check out pricing HERE.

We then load these cityFunnls up with professionally written monthly blogs. These blogs are used to target additional keywords related to that business. But it’s so much more than just a blog. While the origin of each article is on the cityFunnl homepage, everything feeds into our homepage’s massive digital magazine Funnl2u. Creating a huge repository of fresh content that directly promotes your business and the city it operates out of. We are after all committed to building communities and there is no better way than having a voice that can be heard all over the internet. Check out our digital magazine HERE.

This brings us to our community of content creators. Funnl has its own exclusive social network integrated into the member area. This social network allows teams of writers and journalists to collaborate on local news, reviews and event publication. It gives aspiring creators a platform to be heard. In addition to putting eyes on our creators work we also split ad revenue with them 60/40. 60% going to the production team for funding additional content creation. We are very serious about our digital magazine and we understand that people deserve compensation for their effort. Check out our social network HERE.

So you see how our incredible homepage directory with its digital magazine and the vast interconnected network makes each cityFunnl an SEO powerhouse. But that’s not all, we also have an integrated chat platform that gives your customers the ability to communicate with a live human being 24/7. If you don’t have anyone to administer the chat we have a cool virtual assistant ready to step up and manage your sales and support at a moment’s notice. After all, great customer service is considered the number one factor in who they hire by 80% of consumers. So we include access to it through all our cityFunnls by default. Check out our chat interface HERE.

Since we’re on the topic of employees, Funnl has also integrated a full feature staffing solution into our homepage. Where excited workers in your city can upload their resume or apply for positions you added to the bulletin board. We help businesses grow by connecting awesome employees with awesome employers. Check out our staffing service  HERE.
So we have Google search covered. We have customer service covered. We have employment covered. What about marketing? Just like Angie’s List and Yelp, by virtue of Funnl advertising in your city, we are advertising on your behalf. When a customer goes to the Funnl homepage, looking for a contractor in Biloxi. They already know we only partner with the best businesses in town, businesses that have agreed to our strict bylaws of etiquette. So from our easy to use directory your cityFunnl is only one click away.

But that’s not all, our real heroes are working behind the scenes. Keeping the wheels turning requires a dedicated team of IT engineers and network managers to work around the clock. This team ensures Funnls massive infrastructure is always online and secure. Keeping 6 individual services optimized and online is no small feat.

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