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How To Navigate The Funnl Homepage

  • Contacting a service provider
  • Finding blogs in the Funnl2U digital magazine
  • Accessing the Funnl Media social network

 Written by Jason V.

       Updated 5/20/2020

Navigating Funnl may be daunting at first but after you understand the layout, finding local service providers will be as easy as 1.2.3!

Basic Listing Overview (1 of 2)

Understanding the three parts of each listing. Each listing has two states of activation.

1. The default listing state looks like this example.

2. The “activated” listing state looks like this example after clicking NOTE: Notice the faint white outline.



Now that we understand the listing lets learn what clicking  the Icon does.

1. Clicking a main listing icon will open a separate page to the specific service providers website (also known as a cityFunnl). You can then enter your name and job request in the form to the right and a representative will respond within 24 hours.




The bottom half of the Funnl homepage is dedicated to our own digital magazine. It is a culmination of every blog throughout our network. They all RSS feed here for convenient browsing.


1. Clicking  the drop-down box in the Funnl2U digital magazine section will bring up all the blogs we currently have online. It will automatically update the digital magazine with relevant articles. These are updated monthly with new content so check back often for more great stuff. 



This is the basic Funnl navigation tutorial. If you still have questions or require help using Funnl, please inquire through the FEEDBACK form located on the right side of the screen. Or use any of the cityFunnl chats for live support.

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