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Do you own a vehicle? If yes, you will have to deal with a mechanic now and then to help you maintain your vehicle’s health. Of a truth, you pay them to work for you and they are accountable to you. However, there is a need to be mindful of what to say and what not to say when talking to them.

The way you address them is a reflection of your view of their person, and this tells on the quality of service they will offer to you. To this end, pay attention to what you are going to say in your conversation with your auto-mechanic when next you are taking your vehicle for servicing.

To help you do this right, the public opinion poll was made on how best to address a mechanic. It is interesting how the findings made in the survey exposed things that look like normal but shouldn’t be in your dealing with your mechanic.

You are about to find out what makes these mechanics laugh, what annoys them, and some hints on how best to approach your vehicle service or repair according to professionals in the United States automobile industry. Then, these hints can help you in your dealings with Biloxi auto mechanics.

Charles, who is a basic Mechanic, recommends what vehicle owners shouldn’t say to their mechanics:

‘Just do what it needs.’

Except the car owner has a lot of money to throw around. An average auto mechanic in Biloxi will take that to mean, “I have more than enough money to take care of whatever fault there is with the vehicle.” Dishonest mechanics might capitalize on this and have you pay through your nose for a service that could have been way cheaper.

‘I don’t know anything about cars.’

While it is good that you know as much as possible about the makeup of your vehicle, it is not a crime if you don’t know much about it. However, it is not advisable to give this information away to your mechanic. You run the risk of being marginalized, especially if he is someone you can ascertain their level of integrity.

In most cases, it is not true that car owners know absolutely nothing about their vehicles. Granted, many do not know about the interior framework of a direct-injection engine, but there is a big chance of knowing at least what an air filter is. Your little knowledge can be instrumental when you are bargaining the cost of services where they are not fixed.

‘I can’t afford that.’

This expression is quite irritating to mechanics, especially when the physical appearance of the client says otherwise. For example, if the car owner says this while wearing an all Gucci outfit and he owns the latest iPhone. He looks like a liar, and they might begin to feel he deliberately doesn’t want to pay for the service.

‘You didn’t do much; you only plug it into the computer.’

Most of the auto repair functions have crude and modern ways of operation. If your auto mechanic is making use of a modern mode of repair process using modern tools, then you should be happy because there is a better chance of them doing a good job.

Also, it is not a crime to find ways of simplifying one’s routine. Another thing about this is that those tools came at a cost. It will interest you that some of them are so expensive that auto mechanics will have to apply for a loan to acquire them. To this end, this argument is not valid. In fact, it sounds offensive

Bob Chandler, a service manager at Bonded Transmissions, Framingham, MA also has a few things to say about relating and conversing with an auto mechanic.

He starts voicing his opinion from an angle that looks like that where Charles ended his. Addressees a common habit of comparing the charges of an auto mechanic with that of the other. While this act is not bad in itself, it is not good to make the relatively costlier one look like they are asking for too much.

He made it clear that auto firms and basic auto mechanics do not like being criticized for their quotations on the basis that it is relatively expensive to that of their competitors around. This is understandable when we consider the fact that they all don’t share the same reality in the absolute sense. Their operating capacity, level of expertise, sources of vehicle components are not all the same.

In addition to that, he raised the issue of paying attention to details by saying “A guy submitted a request through Openbay and messaged me, ‘How much to fix the dent?’ But he hadn’t even sent us a picture”. From this, it is quite glaring to see that the vehicle owner was not attentive enough with the description he sent, and there is nothing the auto repair could do with the information sent unless it is complete. So, car owners should give details of the job description to the maximum if they want to be impressed with the services they are going to pay for.

Audra Fordin, who is the owner of Great Bear Auto Repair Flushing, in New York addresses the common expression;

‘I don’t need to fix that. I only drive the car to the supermarket and back. It’s just short trips.’

She explains that even if you’re not driving long distances, you will eventually sell off the vehicle sometimes in the future. By then, the market value will be down due to poor maintenance. That way, you would be losing out in the long run.

Biloxi is not such a big city. If they want to, buyers can find out everything about your vehicle history. If they go through the stress of doing this and find out it’s in poor condition due to a lack of maintenance, they might lose interest in the purchase.


The way you address your mechanic can go a long way in determining the quality of service you get. Pay attention to that henceforth, and you will be glad you did over time.

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