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About Us

Funnl.biz helps local service providers acquire leads. Then helps manage the projects and provide customer support resulting from those leads.

The Seed Of A Marketing Agency Was Planted In October Of 2019.

Let's start with my name, Jason VanZant, and here is the story of funnl.

The problem was I couldn’t figure out a way to improve on the traditional digital marketing strategy. Basically, spend months of hard work ranking other people’s websites on google. All while throwing as many advertising dollars at it as the client could afford. It just wasn’t worth pouring all my time and money into.

It wasn’t until December 24 Christmas Eve that I saw a video talking about the “Rank and Rent” method of marketing. It goes like this, you pick an industry in a reasonably large city. Then spend the same amount of time and money ranking a website for Google search. But instead of the site belonging to the client, I retain the right to it and just “Rent” the site out to local business owners, genius. So all the leads it generates goes to the client, we just maintain the servers and most importantly own the domain. So if something happens to the business owner all that work stays with me, I just plug another business in the website and voila, were back making money.

Within 24 hours I had conceived of a whole network of these websites representing dozens of industries in my hometown Biloxi. Like plumbers, electricians, and travel agents. But there was a problem, it takes months getting a website ranked in Google and people aren’t going to pay unless the site has traffic and leads.

The day after Christmas I had figured it out. What if I create a homepage directory like Angie’s List except instead of ripping people off with the easy to manipulate pay per lead model. I just lease the website out to extremely reliable businesses for a reasonable monthly fee. No more fake reviews or mob tactics demanding the premium plan or else. This would become Funnl. A directory homepage designed to promote my network of industry-specific websites.

I knew I couldn’t do this by myself. As much of a nerd as I am there is still a crazy side of computers that is completely greek to me.

So before any great start-up, there is first a great team of founders. Enter Fatih Yenner, not only one of my best friends but also a next level computer genius and the key to making Funnl possible. I absolutely owe Funnls current state to him and his team over in Europe.

We officially started the project on December 27 the day I got home from Christmas vacation. I picked up an excellent programmer on Upwork who still is a key member of the Funnl team. By January 1st we had started building websites. 41 of them to be exact and of course the Funnl.biz homepage.

Along the way, I hired a few writers to create industry-specific articles for all the website blogs. To date, we have nearly 200 pieces of original content, all in the name of SEO. You see in order to rank on Google your website requires monthly content. And not just junk content but well written authoritative content.



Funnl is essentially five discrete services combined into one easy to use platform.

  • Digital marketing
  • Digital magazine
  • Customer Service Provider
  • Staffing Solution
  • Website Management And Hosting


Our formula is pretty simple. We help 10x their current revenue through an exclusive spot on our network.


The formula is equally simple. We make sure you receive great customer support, a great price, and great service.

These things are easy to sum up, but significantly more difficult to execute on. That’s why we have packaged these five essential services.


We provide these 30 businesses with 24/7 public customer support though there landing pages integrated cha interface. Something absolutely necessary in our mission to unite customers and service providers. After all, if we want to build trust with the public we have to make sure they have someone to communicate with in the event of a problem.

The final piece to the puzzle is making sure our partners have reliable employees.

This is a grossly understated summary of our solution. If your a tech nerd and would like to find out more click HERE.

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